The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Explained - Looper (2023)


The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Explained - Looper (1)

alreadyAmanda Bell/Apr 3, 2017 9:14am EST

living deadThe season 7 finale didn't have the same nerve-wracking, fan-frustrating ending as last season's finale, but it also opened a few doors — ahem, doors — instead of closing them. The war had just begun, and an alliance had been formed (and has broken) between the Alexandrians, the Saviors, and the rest of Virginia's survivors. Resistance is likely to be futile, but Rick Grimes and his ragtag band of soldiers may still have a few aces up their sleeves. Here's a quick rundown of what happened in the season's surprisingly non-explosive finaleliving dead.

Sasha sacrificed herself

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The entire final episode juxtaposes real-time events with Sasha's wild dreams. Captured by the Saviors, she has no choice but to join Negan's sinister plan to lure the Alexandrians back into submission. Thanks to her stoicism, she managed to get a suicide pill from Eugene, who had previously made it at the behest of the other ladies in the Salvation Army. However, when she decides not to use it to end her misery in prison, Eugene sees the pill as a thing of the past and makes Sasha do her best for Negan.

Negan intends to use her as bait, take her to Alexandria in a coffin, and take her out dramatically after the inevitable prevails. All the while, Sasha was sweating, listening to Donny Holloway's "Someday We'll All Be Free" on the Eugene-supplied MP3 player, imagining a conversation with Abraham about their role as scapegoats for their friends. Finally, Abe reminds her that everything they do is for the future of the next generation, just like babies Judith and Maggie, so she prepares to say goodbye to her safe house. Then she dies, we assume, and turns into a zombie before Negan opens her coffin hatch for a surprise attack that buys her friend some time and critical attention. In her deal with Negan, she only agreed to one death in Alexandria, and God forbid, she got that part of the job done.

Jadi complicated stuff

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Even though the Alexandrians were able to cut a deal with Dwight, who had vowed to destroy Negan once and for all, buying time for their invasion with some fallen trees, Negan still managed to take the position thanks to a surprising trick. Jadis, the Trash Queen who actually fought Rick against the monsters to win her, got a better deal from the Savior and decided to give her her scavengers instead of Rick.

This means her soldiers are spread out nicely across Alexandria's stronghold to outwit key players - snipers have an advantage over Michonne in vantage points, and her soldiers are practically a match for anyone important to the team, even Jadis Also the next one she said to Rick when her soldiers turned their guns on the Alexandrians. That means they successfully defuse Rosita's bombINegan surprises him by throwing Rick's man and woman through the wall.

Ezekial enters solemnly

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Even when the fire started, Rick and the Alexandrians were still outnumbered by the Saviors and the container workers because Sasha gave Rick a fighting chance. Negan was able to have Rick and Carl side by side, giving his Lucille the satisfaction he wanted - while promising to kill Rick's son in one fell swoop as an act of mercy, and then grabbing his arm as a nod to the comics.

But before he could deliver the first blow, Ezekiel's Tiger Shiva caught up to some of Negan's henchmen and distracted the fight again at the last moment. With the Kingdom arriving armed with their arms and the unwavering determination that "Alexandria will not fall today," Rick finally has a true ally against the Savior, who retreats with the Scavenger, allowing Rick's team to regroup and cure. But this is far from over.

rick makes a statement

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Even before the kingdom came, it seemed that all hope was at the hands of Carl, Rick and who knows what else he would have to pay for Negan's "punishment" and Rick still hadn't given up. He swore to Negan that even though he believed he had just heard Michonne's breath, he would not give up on his mission to kill Negan himself.

In other words, business as usual will not resume. The last time he and his son waited in line to die, Rick was forced to obey Negan's rules, and he was about to unload the leader of the group, which was no longer an option for him. No matter what Negan did to him or his son, he would fight and die. good news? They still had all those seaside guns in their hands.

Carroll and Morgan Settle

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Overall, Carroll had a quiet season. Despite her pivotal role in previous fights - especially against the cannibalistic bastards on the Terminator - she has stayed in hiding, even as tensions mount and endanger her favorite Daryl Dick Sen (Daryl Dixon). So did Morgan. Fighting is not a life neither of them want, and they stick to nonviolence as much as possible.

In both cases, it took a very rude awakening to get them working again. Morgan had to waver and return to "brighter" days to see the light, and Carol had to put aside her own isolationist tendencies again, but now they're here for the fight. no doubt.

Tyreese is back, so to speak

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Sasha's vision gave Abraham the recognition he deserved. He's still mean and vulgar, but he's also as serious and dedicated to honor as ever, which helps Sasha come to terms with her decision to put herself in grave danger to help her friend.

It's no coincidence that Sasha's final scene is like this. You might remember her brother Tyreese's slow and bleak death from biting wounds and bleeding to death in Season 5. Sasha's final confrontation was a very intellectual and emotional one, and it all felt like a subtle nod to the end of Tyrese.

Glenn made the decision for Maggie

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As far as Negan knew, Maggie was dead. She could go about her days without him and the Savior noticing. She's reconciled with Darryl and relieved him of his guilt over the immediate cause of her husband's death -- all good (enough). But even after seeing sonograms of a healthy baby growing inside her—reason enough for anyone to avoid the hard road—she can't shame Glenn's memory by choosing the easy way.

After all, it was Glenn who started the "family" in the first place. It was he who saved Rick from certain death in Atlanta years ago and forged an unshakable bond: "Pain, sorrow, give, love, live, fight for each other." Maggie thinks she's just After following a man she loves and respects, grabs a gun, and comes out of hiding once and for all. Fight for your family - the living, the dead, and even the unborn. She holds the pocket watch her father gave her husband, as a token of trust, as a token. ThatandShe is the guardian of the future now, and her father is the beacon of the past, entrusted to the present while Glenn was alive.

Eugene made his choice, but maybe he should change his mind now

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Eugene was definitely the biggest disappointment in season 7, he always did everything he could to survive, and none of Rick, Abe, or even Rosita ever really blamed him for his lies. But when he appeared at the Wall as Negan's voice, he dropped everything. It was a tragedy that a man who had ridden with the Alexandrians for so long could be so easily seduced by the lure of comfort and protection, even at the expense of his staunchest friend. That's the way it is. But there's still reason to be hopeful about Eugene.

As he followed Sasha to her casket, she told him in multiple ways that she still believed in his core values ​​and potential. He must have been hit when he saw her sacrificing herself so hard.specialBecause he knew he was the one who made it all possible. He tells Negan that he believes Sasha died of suffocation during the trip, but Eugene knows better. Now that he's seen true courage in action -- and told he has a hero lurking in his own self-interest -- he may have reason to use his newfound strength as an inner man to do good forever. we will see.

Dwight also left his mark

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Dwight appears to have once again committed treason on the walls of Alexandria. He promised to help the Alexandrians prepare and hopefully survive the attack on the walls, and kept his word, throwing a few logs along the way to buy them time. But when Negan drove in with his truckload of soldiers, Dwight was among them, carrying out his deadly orders and handing Lucille to him when asked - kneeling, as always,

Darryl Dixon seemed particularly disappointed in this episode, as he could almost vouch for Dwight since he could have easily killed the man. You might remember Dwight and Daryl back when Daryl helped Dwight and his friends escape the Saviors before we even met Negan. But despite appearances, there's at least one reason to believe Dwight is still on Negan's side of the resistance. Finally, when Darryl sealed the wall after Negan and his party retreated, he found a wooden sculpture of a toy soldier with the words "I don't know" written on it. longtime fanliving deadYou might remember that Dwight is known for these kinds of carvings, so this is clearly his attempt to send a humble message that he's still secretly sewing for the good guys. With such an imbalance between the two teams, Alexander needs all the help they can get. Boom boom boom!



What did Michonne find burning? ›

Near the episode's end, Michonne spots something burning in the woods. It's the pile of mattresses the Saviors took from Alexandria earlier in the episode.

Are Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead on the same timeline? ›

"Fear the Walking Dead" jumps ahead seven years on the premiere of its final season. Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg told Insider it was their idea. Chambliss confirmed the jump brings "Fear TWD" into the timeline of the final season of "TWD."

Who kills Negan? ›

No, Negan does not die in The Walking Dead. He has come close to death on many occasions, and none more so in the season 8 finale when Rick Grimes finally destroys him and his vicious saviors before opting to save his life and make him a prisoner of Alexandria.

What happens to Darrell at the end of The Walking Dead? ›

It is easy to get worried about Daryl's fate as he is always in the middle of the fighting. But, good news for Daryl fans, he survived and will go on to a new adventure after the final episode of The Walking Dead, which aired on November 20, 2022.

What was Michonne's job before the zombie apocalypse? ›

Michonne reveals some details of her life before the apocalypse. She was a lawyer who had recently ended her marriage and lost custody of her children.

What is the blood on Michonne's arm? ›

Oh, so that's where the blood on Michonne's arm came from. Blink-and-you'll-miss-it explanation: When Michonne is talking to Negan, she quickly wipes something off her arm, just as she did while lying in bed in the previous episode. It's clear now that it's walker blood from her late-night adventures.

Is there going to be a Rick and Michonne spinoff? ›

It is a spin-off of The Walking Dead, and the seventh installment in The Walking Dead franchise, with Andrew Lincoln, Gurira and Pollyanna McIntosh reprising their roles from the series. It is scheduled to premiere in 2024 on AMC and AMC+.

Is Rick in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Rick Grimes was a minor character in the fourth season. He is portrayed by Andrew Lincoln.

How long was the apocalypse before Rick woke up? ›

At the end of the first season, a flashback reveals that Shane (Jon Bernthal) left Rick behind as chaos erupted in the hospital. About a month later, Rick came out of his coma and found himself alone. Surviving that long without food and water is unlikely, especially in his state.

How Maggie dies in walking dead? ›

If you're a Maggie fan, you can rest easy knowing that she doesn't die throughout the show's run. The character was written out in the midst of season 9 when Lauren Cohan left the show, as Maggie went to find other communities like Hilltop.

Who was in the circle when Negan killed Glenn? ›

Negan decides to punish the group once more after getting clocked round the face by Daryl. Without expectation, he thwacks Lucille round the head of poor Glenn.

Does Rick cut Carl's arm? ›

(Ugh, that one still hurts.) Rick was in a bad place, and Negan tried to rub it in by getting him to cut off Carl's hand. Rick begged and pleaded for Negan to take his hand instead. Negan, satisfied that Rick was sufficiently cowed, let everyone walk away with their parts intact.

Did they find a cure in The Walking Dead? ›

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the final season of "Fear the Walking Dead." June (Jenna Elfman) seemingly found a way to contain the zombie virus in the "TWD" universe using radiation. "Fear TWD" showrunners told Insider it's not a cure. Finch plays an important role moving forward.

Does Daryl ever get a girl? ›

Yes, Daryl and Leah got together over a period of years, in-story.

Will Michonne find out Rick is alive? ›

She demands Virgil show her where he found them, and he leads Michonne to a ship that washed up on the island. Inside, she finds an old smartphone with Rick's name, illustrations of Judith and her, as well as some Japanese writing engraved into its glass screen. Michonne finally realized that Rick is alive.

What did Michonne find in episode 13? ›

He claims there might still be weapons out there and reveals when HE trips, he gets to see his family. Michonne doesn't care, she orders him to let her get her stuff back. In the room, Michonne finds Rick's boots.

What does Michonne find in season 10 episode 13? ›

Hacking her way through the dead, she finds a room where a number of walkers are hanging from the ceiling. Virgil's wife is one of them. He's finally able to bury his family, but he's still rambling about his children, ignoring Michonne's pleas to give her the weapons so she can go home to save her own family.

What did Michonne hallucinate? ›

After being given drugged tea by Virgil, Michonne hallucinates what her life would be like if she didn't help Andrea in the forest. Beta experiences a mental breakdown after the death of Alpha and hallucinates the walkers in his massive horde talking to him.

Why did the saviors burn the mattresses? ›

because mattresses are an extremely luxury during the time of a zombie apocalypse and Negan's band of douchebags wanted to sleep on something soft at night. In reality, the only reason they stole the mattresses was just so they could burn them for fun.


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