How do you don't care what others think: 7 honest advice - goodbye help (2023)

One of my biggest goals in life is to encourage other people to learn once and for all so that everyone takes care of what people think.

Seriously, it's one of the most voluntary experiences and they change your life if you can stop worrying about other people and do what makes you happy.

This does not mean that you can simply do what you want when it comes to harming other people, but when it comes to what you are wearing, what your career pursues, whatever it is, whatever no one is important that theyour.

I don't know why we are so limited what other people think.

Obviously, there may be a social asset that prevails with us that has some fundamental standards, but why do we feel that we are not unique or we can do what we like and do not like without fear of other people's opinions?

I love the appointment with the record: "Other people's opinions about me are not my account."

And it's true. If you're interested?

There are as many options as I take in my life.

Due to the fact that I am a super selection of dinner rooms, even the fact that I decide me and I. I want to say, very seriously that I don't care about what people think about it.

Even if you try to learn to take care of what people think about them, I learned after a life to turn enemies and just to do me.

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You must read the book to find your trust

After looking in the world of self -assessment books, I found it best to embrace who they are, do not apologize for what they do or believe and reach more.

Means"You are a little bada **: How do you stop doubting your size and lead a great life."

This will seriously change your life and you canFind here.

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This Selfish Love BookIt is a fantastic way to reset your own thoughts and perspectives of what is important before you can really deal with someone else's feelings or thoughts about you.

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1. Enter your self -esteem

To be honest, before they can go and be that person who doesn't take care of what people think of them, they need to focus on how they think of themselves.

If you have confidence in yourself, you can't feel comfortable what others think.

If you do not believe in your own self -esteem, you will constantly try to get the car from other people.

First, you should be sure that you are happy and sure who you are, which does not mean that you do not think you have any defect or error, but instead of being so worthy for anyone on the planet that you are able toAnd that you can do what you want.

If you have problems with your self -esteem, it is a great way to visit therapy to try to achieve the problem and increase your confidence.

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2. Eliminate the word "must" get rid of

If you feel you say the word "should": "Oh, but I should go to this event" or "I should use it" or "I should go to this university", you have to step back and find out theThought should.

Who said?

In general, the word "should" mean that you believe in other people or all society that should do something?

Give the word "should."Identify that it isOfI really want to do it.

You can take this into consideration if you really want, but if you "listen" your voice, basically you will always live your life based on other people.

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3. Remember the happiness you feel to be yourself

How do you feel if you are totally, live apologizing?


Whatever the feeling, it is certainly positive if you worked on this self -esteem.

Use this.

Remember if.

Understand the positive emotional connection that goes hand in hand with being yourself and how you feel and use it in all areas of life.

Did you feel great when you were honest that you didn't want to join the band? Did you want to participate in an art course?

Did you feel relieved when you used the clothes you wanted to wear and not what your parents wanted for you?

Being yourself and not taking care of what others think is stimulating.

Keep this feeling close to you when you need to motivate yourself to do it even more.

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4. Serve with the right people

Part of the struggle for people who first learn to take care of what others think to ensure that they do not get involved with a number of rude people.

Be sure to surround the positive people who take care of them and believe in force to be themselves, and suddenly they have a much less problem.

This is why people like the university feel where they really "learned who they were" because they may not have been surrounded by support to be in their small hometown.

If you cultivate these relationships, leave the people you like for what you like, what you love or who you are, and get away from someone who cannot completely cut.

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It is much easier not to take care of other people's opinions, if not, people close to negative opinions.

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5. Sorry for those who judge you

Some people will judge them.

Even if it is harmless.

"Wow, I can't believe you and your husband sleep in separate beds!"

"Wow, I would never be so sure, since you wear a children's swimsuit!"

Or it may be worse than that, applauding behind them, rude comments, whatever.

Learn how to make these people.

You know that people who judge people who are not themselves are people who need to deal with their own self -esteem and need to feel that they are better than others when establishing.

And even if they are not rude, but simply do not understand it and what?

I regret that you do not have the ability to understand and continue.

Your opinions say more about you about you.

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6. Slowly

Suppose you are a lesbian from a conservative city that wants to leave the closet, wear bright arc clothes instead of your school uniform and listen to punk rock instead of Christian contemporaries.

If you work to gain the courage to be yourself, you don't always have to show everything at the same time on the same day.

You can take it slowly, which means that it slowly adds parts of your personality to the public, for example, the school uniform to colorful shirts, or can be your true self, but only in front of someone else or in front ofAnother person or some close friends before branching to the general public.

At the end of the day, it's incredibly free not to worry about what other people think, but it's not a shame when it's something you need to fight.

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It is something that is totally useful for most people to feel protected, not who really is or expresses their real opinions.

It may not be something that happens at the same time, and that's fine, it will arrive on time.

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7. Stop importing

Here, the difficult part is not to worry about what other people think.

You should also be sure that you don't care how people see you, even if it's positive!

I know!

Can't we keep things good and leave bad things?

Unfortunately not.

If we support our self -esteem of what other people think of us, it is dangerous to get involved with compliance.

If you are involved in compliance, it is easy to get involved in criticism and the best thing is that you don't care anything.

If people fulfill them, it is very pleasant and obviously must answer with a "thank you" but not obsessed or try to absorb too much.

Remember that you were as good as a person before the person congratulated him, no longer, no less.

At first it is difficult, but there is no freedom to accept only the positive things that people think about them and not about the negative, because it is impossible to do.

True freedom comes not to take care of what people think, stop.

Living your life under your own conditions is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the legacy you can do.

Keep true to this and live apologizing and you will never do anything wrong (unless you try to do something immoral that hurts other people and then forget what I said!)


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