Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Cast & New Character Guide (2023)

ANDFear of the Living DeadThe Season 6 cast brings back everyone from Season 5, while also introducing new characters to the mix that will undoubtedly shake up the story. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,Fear of the Living DeadSeason 6 had to halt production in early 2020, delaying the new season and eventually taking the lead series' place in October.

Fear of the Living DeadPresumably, Season 6 will last the rest of the year before going on hiatus and returning in 2021. But the fact that most of the cast is split, at least at the start of the season, could help the production in the long run.

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Fear of the Living DeadSeason 6 appears to pick up weeks after the events of the season 5 finale, which explores what happened to Morgan - the biggest question to come out of season 5. It remains to be seen where the show goes, but without it it will certainly be interesting to see how it all comes together and whether or not there will be more teases.citizen republic.

Fear The Walking Dead season 6 returning cast

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Cast & New Character Guide (1)

Lennie James as Morgan Jones: Morgan is one of the originalsLiving DeadCharacters who made the transitionFear of the Living Deadin Season 4. He was shot and presumed dead at the end of Season 5, but somehow survived thanks to an unknown savior. Lennie James is widely known for his role as Morgan, but he also starred.Jericho,human target, jblade runner 2049.

Alycia Debnam-Carrey as Alicia Clark: Alicia is an original survivor inFear of the Living Dead. He traveled throughout southwestern North America with his family, who have since passed away. Before landing a starring role inFear of the Living Dead, Alycia Debnam-Carrey gained recognition for her role as Lexa in100 losses, which he repeated recently.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand: Victor has come a long way from his days of fooling people and is a core part of the group. In season 6, he and Alicia bonded in one of the pioneer villages. Colman Domingo has had a successful career in show business, both on screen and on stage. He has acted in several television shows, but also in films such asLincoln,Lucy im Himmel, jSelma.

Maggie Grace como Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki: Althea came to Fear the Walking Dead along with Morgan and was a character that merged different stories: Alicia's mother, the CRM and much more. Her story is unique considering how much she knows due to her career in journalism. Maggie Grace is widely known for her lead roleLOST, ANDout of stocktrilogy and thetwilightSeries.

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Austin Amelio as Dwight: Dwight was one of Negan's closest allies and was eventually banished when the Saviors were defeated. He joined Morgan's group in Season 5 after spending an undisclosed amount of time looking for his missing wife. Austin Amelio is a well-known skateboarder, but his role as Dwight was his most famous on-screen role.

Danay Garcia for Luciana Galvez: Luciana joined the group because of Nick who was previously killed. Since then, she has become an expert in oilfield management and is an essential part of the Morgan group. Danay Garcia is known for her lead roleprison Breakin the late 2000s and has appeared in a variety of films.

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Garrett Dillahunt com John Dory: John is a former police officer who joined Morgan's group in search of the love of his life, June. Garrett Dillahunt has appeared on numerous television shows over the years, includingalarming news,Altes Ding, and recently,or talented. but other than thatFear of the Living Dead, is perhaps best known for playing Burt Chance ongrowing hope.

Jenna Elfman como June Dorie: June is a former nurse who has taken on a leadership role in the group and is now married to John. Jenna Elfman landed several leading television roles in the 2000s and 2010s, but she will always be remembered for playing Dharma on the sitcom.Dharma e Greg, which earned him a Golden Globe and several Emmy nominations.

Ruben Blades for Daniel Salazar: Like Alicia, Daniel is there from the start, though he has gained a reputation for disappearing after near-death experiences, only to return at a later date. Rubén Blades is a famous musician and politician in Panama, but he is known for his many roles in Hollywood films, in which he played all the main rolespredator 2Asafe house, Athe adviser.

Karen David as Grace:Grace used to work at a nuclear power plant and spent her years in the apocalypse trying to save it from meltdown. Since then, she has developed a relationship with Morgan. Karen David has appeared in a variety of films over the years, but she is best known for her lead role.Waterloo-Straße,legacies, it's includedOnce upon a time, in which she played Princess Jasmine in live-action.

Mo Collins as Sarah Rabinowitz: Sarah is a former Marine whose initial introduction was more of an antagonism, but is now a core part of Morgan's group. She and her brother Wendell did everything they could to survive the zombie apocalypse. Mo Collins is a well-known comedian who was part of theFood-TVpour. He has since appeared in several comedy shows before taking on a lead role.Fear of the Living Dead.


Alexa Nisenson como Charlie: Charlie is a former member of the Vultures who tried to atone for Nick's murder in Season 4. She has developed a great friendship with Daniel, who takes care of her like a father. Alexa Nisenson had a few guest roles on television before joining herFear of the Living Dead, but she is still best known for playing Charlie.

Colby Hollman as Wes: Wes is a survivor who befriended Alicia and is now part of Morgan's group. Colby Hollman's breakout role was Wes inFear of the Living Dead. His only other credit before joining the series is the short film.funny how things happen.

Colby Minifie da Virginia: Virginia is the apparent leader of the Pioneers and currently the main villain of the series. He shot Morgan at the end of Season 5 and now holds his group captive. Colby Minife starred in several TV shows in the 2010s, but she is easily recognized for playing AshleyBoys.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 new characters

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Demetrius Grosse como Josiah LaRoux:Josiah is a bounty hunter who, true to his job, can find anyone, dead or alive. He is tasked with finding Morgan and confirming whether or not Morgan is dead. Demetrius Grosse is known for playing rock instraight from comptonIn addition to appearances on TV shows likejustified,suffering soul, jheroes.

Christine Evangelista as Sherry: Sherry is Dwight's wife who has been missing with first responders since before the warLiving Dead. He left Negan and fled the area in hopes of surviving. She left Dwight clues and is now getting to know him. Christine Evangelista has starred in several movies and shows over the years, but she may be best known for playing Megan Morrison.Array layout.

Zoe Colletti as Dakota: Dakota is a member of the Pioneers and Virginia's cousin. Zoe Colletti recently starred in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Town on a Hill, butFear of the Living DeadIt could be your breakout role.


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